Boxeo Constitucion

El Remolon

ZZK Records proudly present El Remolón’s soundtrack to Boxeo Constitución a documentary exploring the harsh realities of boxing in Argentina. Both poetic and powerful, intellectual and fun, Boxeo Constitución is a conceptual soundtrack conceived by one of Buenos Aires most exciting underground producers. Recorded with musicians from around the city, the album features members of El Remolón‘s newly debuted "Conjunto" band.

A bit over two years ago while traveling in Argentina, the Austrian director Jakob Weingartner stumbled upon a boxing gym in a basement of Buenos Aires’s historic Constitucion train station.

The particularities and conditions of the gym inspired him to make a documentary, exploring the harsh realities of boxing in Argentina. During this same trip, Jakob heard the song “Bolivia” from Pibe Cosmo, El Remolón‘s debut album, and thought it would be perfect for his documentary.

Jakob approached El Remolón with an idea, El Remolón accepted and instead of composing one or two tracks, he decided to score the whole movie. Exploring the line between experimental, electronic, soundscape and cumbia, El Remolon, one of the 1st artists signed to the prestigious ZZK label and known for his effectiveness on the dancefloor, created a body of work that takes you to the soul of the boxing gym and to the drudgery of the train station. The music accompanies the struggles of its protagonists and conjours up images of their daily challenges and triumphs, of their passions and travails.