Astro Reescrituras

Mateo Kingman

It’s been just over a year since Mateo Kingman released his acclaimed second album ASTRO. This time around, renowned artists and producers play a part on the new EP ASTRO/REESCRITURAS (remixes).

The EP includes stars like the highly talented Javier Casalla of Bajofondo, Chancha Vía Circuito, Baiuca, DJ Raff and Miel.

“Astro/Reescrituras is a translation into sound by some musician friends I admire, like Chancha Vía Circuito, DJ Raff and Javier Casalla of Bajofondo. A lot of them were my influences for a long time and having them now as crew members on this spaceship is wonderful. I also sought out new voices that captivated me with their musical exploration in the present, like Baiuca from Spain and Miel from Ecuador. I was really intrigued at the idea of what could happen when other musicians explored the depths of this record, as Astro is a very intimate work for me. And I think the result is that the songs ceased to be necessarily stuck to each other and took on a new life, totally individual; they exist by themselves and they have a new soul and a new heart. It’s an EP that cuts through spiral-shaped constellations, musically going from percussions and vernacular voices to violin laments, from trances for dancing to songs that demand that you’re totally present. It’s as if all these producers and crew members had decided to turn up the speed of the spaceship to reach new dynamic, shining worlds.” -Mateo Kingman

Mateo Kingman belongs to a new generation of Latin American musicians. He mixes deep and essential lyrics with a cutting-edge, eclectic production, exploring with synths, beats and root melodies.

Just three years into this career, with appearances and festivals in Mexico, South America and Europe, this Ecuadorian artist has been singled out as one of the most outstanding figures of the new generation of Latin artists, collaborating with major artists like Gustavo Santaolalla.

ASTRO is Kingman’s second album and expresses an intense investigation, weaving a plot with many threads: the contemporary urban song, traditional melodies from Latin America and the accentuated use of synths, resulting in a new, hypnotic fabric of sound. The album was produced in Quito, Ecuador, with renowned producer Ivis Flies and released by AYA Records. On the album, Mateo Kingman shows a glimpse of a strong authorial perspective, and although he moves away from the sound and thematic ideas that made him known to the world, he dares to mix current trends, urban rhythms and vocal experiments, forming a constellation we can voyage into, and showing a clear personal and musical evolution.