ZZK Mixtape Vol 22 - Nicola Cruz

  Influenced by new digital technology, exploring local indigenous and Afro-cosmologies in a modern setting, we’re proud to present our 22nd mixtape, a piece of ridiculous hot fire from Ecuadorian producer Nicola Cruz.  
ZZK Mixtape Vol 21 - El Remolon Selva Remixes

    El Remolon reaches deep down into his bag of tricks for a global bass inspired journey through the jungle, calling on a cast of producers from around the world to remix his 5th studio album, Selva. Here it is in mixtape form.
ZZK Mixtape Vol 20 - Luzmila Carpio Meets ZZK

    El Buho goes in deep for the release of Luzmila Carpio Meets ZZK EP.
ZZK Mixtape Vol 19 - History of Colour

  Buenos Aires meets Amsterdam in a Dream Soundscape. Like we always do at ZZK, we're presenting our new release from El Buho & Barrio Lindo, History of Colour, as a free mixtape, full of dreamy, futuristic South American sounds.
ZZK Mixtape Vol 18 - Frikstailers

  The Frikstailers mixtapes are known for their ability to cram in a bunch of tunes, take you on an extraterrestrial cumbia driven voyage and for inevitably getting the party started.
ZZK Mixtape Vol 17 - El Remolon Selva

  El Remolon presents his 5th studio release, Selva.  As custom at ZZK, we are bringing the freshest tracks from the artist straight to you in mixtape form.
Animal Chuki - ZZK Mixtape Vol 16

  Animal Chuki debut their first official EP release, Capicua, with a snapshot of modern day digital Lima, Peru.
ZZK Mixtape Vol 15 - Especial ZZK Sound Vol.3 (Dj Nim Director´s Cut)

  What do you get when you ask a DJ who spins Jungle, Dubstep, Glitch Hop and other darker, bass-heavy genres to curate a compilation of advanced Latin American music?  ZZK Sound Vol. 3 is the answer.
Frikstailers - ZZK Mixtapes Vol 14

  After a prolonged period of research, the Frikstailers are back with a delicious mixtape hot off the blocks.
ZZK Mixtape XIII - Villa Diamante

  Celebrating the worldwide release of the new compilation Future Sound of Buenos Aires, Villa Diamante drops a new mixtape which combines new tracks from ZZK artists, new and exciting South American artists and his classic mashups where Argentine hip hop or rock cross over with electronic rhythms from around the world.
ZZK Mixtape Vol. 12 - DJ NIM

  DJ Nim has always positioned himself as a catalyst between producers and vocalists, helping facilitate collaborations, match ups, remixes, and original tracks.
ZZK Mixtape Vol. 11 - Chancha Via Circuito - Los Pastores

  Together with the launch of Rio Arriba (double vinyl, CD & digitally worldwide on March 29!) Chancha Vía Circuito developed his latest mixtape. The mixtape is rooted his latest release but layered with exclusive B sides, new remixes, mashups, and tracks from some of Chancha's favorite artists blended together in a mix that explores the vast spectrum of music brewing in Chancha's head.
ZZK Mixtape Vol. 10 - Frikstailers

  They had it planned from the beginning. We knew it, they thought carefully about each and every step: the ZZK Mixtape Vol. 10 would be made by them, thus furthering their plan of invading the Earth. They come in peace, and it’s time to bring the Frikstailers’ new mixtape to your leaders.
ZZK Mixtape Vol. 9 - El Remolón

  El Remolón drops his newest ZZK mixtape, number 9 of the series and an instant dance party! Includes new tracks, soon to be released on his new album and imminent EP, together with remixes and mashups from star studded pop artists that make up the universe of El Remolon.
ZZK Mixtape Vol.8 - Lagartijeando - Furia Tehuelche

  The fury here is both Tehuelche and the heavy bass that runs through a Lagartijieando cumbia. These are seriously intense rhythms for explosive dancefloors, combined with the power of the ancestral and mystical hallucinogenic ayahuasca, which are just a few of the characteristics of this mixtape.
ZZK Mixtape Vol. 7 - King Coya

  King Coya, from the Northern Argentine Andes, is the digitalized, imaginary version of Gaby Kerpel, who blends traditional Colombian cumbia and Argentine folklore with electronic music.
ZZK Mixtape Vol. 6 - Douster

  This mixtape, composed entirely of his own productions, shows the evidence of the Zizek influence: here the power of Electro is fused, remixed and edited with the rhythmic cadence of Cumbia and Reggaeton, wrapped around Baile Funk, Kwaito, Wobble and a bunch of other unclassifiable genres we won´t even try to name.
ZZK Mixtape Vol 5 - Tremor

  Tremor rocks his first mixtape made especially for ZZK Records, mixing and mashing South American Folklore sounds with his vision of electronic music.
ZZK Mixtape Vol 4 - El Remolon Pibe Cosmo

  El Remolón shows us a taste of what´s to come from his new LP Pibe Cosmo, including a hand-full of joints that for obvious copyright issues, didn't make the final cut. Mashups, edits and original tracks, it´s all there. Digital cumbia, electro-reggaetón and more in this mixtape fuego.
ZZK Mixtape Vol 3 - Fauna Megamix by Daleduro

  Zizek Style! Like the B-Side of Fauna´s new album La Manita de Fauna, cop this free mixtape by one of BA´s hottest DJs and ZZK Records artist Daleduro. 20 minutes of Fauna intensity, digital cumbia dancehall ragga by our favorite 2 Mendozan MCs and beatmakers. The future has arrived.
ZZK Mixtape Vol 2 - Chancha Vía Circuito

  Chancha Via Circuito's ZZK mixtape here with his own productions, most instrumental versions and riddims. A brief look into what his album "Rodante" is all about.
ZZK Mixtape Vol 1 - Villa Diamante

  This is an exclusive ZZK Records mixtape by Zizek resident DJ Villa Diamante featuring exclusive tracks by artists who have played at Zizek. Remixes, mashups, edits, bootlegs, it´s all there.