New ZZK EP being released on February 16th worldwide digitally. Special edition vinyl also being released shortly after.

During the ZZK crew’s last tour in North America, on route to Coachella, Ghislain Poirier (Ninja Tune) made his second visit to see what this sound was all about. Diplo also dropped in to say hello to his favorite South American digital cumbia heads and it marked his flipping over Douster’s sound. Fauna’s set was interrupted by the police for a moment but there was really no stopping the Zizek sound in Montreal that night.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The next day Poirier and El G sat down for a coffee to listen to a new track.

Poirier - There is a Latin American guy living in Montreal I’m working with, Boogat and I’ve made a reggaeton inspired track, it’s about the priest in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, wanna release it?

El G - Did I get this right? Ghislain Poirier is exploring a new Latin inspired sound and he wants to release it on ZZK?! Listening to the track the immediate answer was… Hell yes.

Las Americas V.1 was born.

An album that unites Buenos Aires and Montreal as hermanos in music.
One continent, one producer, all on one label with four smoking remixes:  Kalima Shop Titi.

This is South America’s most futuristic record label expanding its sound, vision and synchronicity with like-minded producers around the world, 2010 version.  You’ve heard people talking about World Music 2.0, Nu Whirled Music, Global Gettotech and other modern terms used to describe where urban bass music is headed simultaneously around the globe?  This is your chance to experience it in all its cross-cultural glory.


Remixes by the all star ZZK crew of
Uproot Andy, El Remolón, Lagartijeando & Douster

—— Uproot Andy is a Brooklyn producer without regards for geographical limitations. Uproot Andy is quickly establishing himself as a big remixer with a seriously fresh sound.

—— El Remolon is one of ZZK’s most dance floor hard hitters.  His remix gives that cumbia villera touch that has made his productions famous.

—— Lagartijeando is ZZK’s newest producer on the label.  Combining the most obscure South American folklorico with heavy bass he debuts his first track on this EP.

—— Douster is ZZK’s 2009 breakthrough artist you might have seen recently on Sound Pelligrino, Mad Decent or on the blogosphere blowing up remixes like King of Africa.


Press Inquiries:
DJ Feedback

"Love it" - Sinden
"Amazing" - DJ Umb (Generation Bass)
"Sick!" - DJ Vamanos (Ghetto Bass Quake)
"Sounds good!" - Sonido del Principe
"This EP is heat! All remixes are hitting" -  DJ Sabo
"Big release, Poirier is doing great stuff" -  Schlachtofbronx
"Alucinante culiados!!!!!!!" -  Frikstailers
"√√√√" -  Meneo

graphics: NASA / web: Job Salorio


zzk records 2010