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December 2014

Zizek Club is about to turn 8 years old.  EIGHT! The party, which quickly turned into a "laboratory of dance", where the digital influences of cumbia, hip hop, dubstep or folklore were the dance music of that era, where musical and cultural prejudice were left at the door and where a ton of artists showed up to test their new ideas for dance, always dance.

8 years of adventures: from the first parties in San Telmo, to the intense nights at Niceto Club, the creation of ZZK Records, releasing original music from artists who nobody else thought to release, tours around the world, the artists and albums kept getting more and more interesting.

From a weekly party in Buenos Aires, ZZK expanded throughout the universe, its artists playing over 150 cities around the world, from Coachella to recent Boiler Room presentations.

Let’s celebrate one more time.  Saturday December 6, 2014. 8 years.

Click here for all the deets.

Go check out a gallery of Zizek Club flyers and swim in the nostalgia here!

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June 2014

It wouldn’t be a summer at ZZK Records without an invasion of tropical music for our fans around the world!   Go dance with these artists in the following cities:

La Yegros

May 28th - Bellevilloise (Paris, France)
May 29th - Sing Sing (Saint Malo, France)
May 30th - Institut Technique des Gaz et de l’Air (Saint Malo, France)
June 2nd - Mawazine Festival (Rabat, Morocco)
June 27th - Couleur Cafe (Brussels, Belgium)
June 29th - Catalpa Festival (Auxerre, France)
July 5th - Me You Zik Festival (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
July 9th - Le Club (Rodez, France)
July 10th - Robion Festival (Robion, France)
July 11th - Voix des Pays (Fogueres, France)
July 16th - Quartiers d’Eté (Rennes, France)
July 17th - Festival de Thau (Meze, France)
July 18th - Musique en Omois (Château Thierry, France)
July 20th - Colors of Ostrava (Ostrava, Czech Republic)
July 22nd - FMM Sines (Sines, Portugal)
July 23rd - Pirineos Sur (Huesca, Spain)
July 25th - Mar de Musicas (Cartagena, Spain)
July 26th - Paleo (Nyon, Switzerland)
July 27th - Horizonte Festival (Koblenz, Germany)
August 2nd - Sommerbühne (Detmold, Germany)
August 8th - Nuits du Sud (Vence, France)
August 9th- Festival de Bugueles (Penvenan, France)
August 11th - Semana Grande de Gijon (Gijon, Spain)
August 13th- Sziget (Budapest, Hungary)
August 14th - Zomarparkfeest (Venlo, Netherlands)
August 15th - Lowlands (Biddinghuizen, Netherlands)
August 16th - Theater Spektakel Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)
August 23rd - Rochefort En Accords (Rochefort, France)


May 9 - Noise, Lima (Peru)
May 15 - Cuenca (Equador)
May 16 - Zoko Club, Quito (Equador)  
May 22 - Mister Jack, Manizale, (Colombia)
May 23  - Antiguo Invitro, Bogota (Colombia)
May 30  - Vintrash Bar, Bucaramanga (Colombia)
May 31  - El Deck, Medillin (Colombia)
June 12 - Salon Pata Negra, DF (Mexico)
June 13 - Fiesta Sonorama (San Cristobal)  (Mexico)
June 14 - La Calor Fest, Tuxtla Gutierrez  (Mexico)
June 19 - Pulqueria Insurgentes DF (Mexico)
June  20 - Bar Pachuco Rey Cuernvaca (Mexico)
June 21 - Bar El Sonidero Guadalajara (Mexico)
June 27 - Fiestas Chimbas Metepec (Mexico)
June 28-  Bar Txalarparta Oaxaca (Mexico)
July 2 - Bar Atlantico, DF (Mexico)

Chancha Via Circuito

June 6 - Clandestino Festival, Gotenburg (Sweden)
June 7 - Music Box, Lisbon (Portugal)
June 9 - Festiva Madeira, Madeira (Portugal)
June 12 - Dia de la Musica, Madrid (Spain)
June 13 - Banda Aparte, Tenerife (Spain)
June 14 - Guacamayo Festival, Madrid (Spain)
June 18 - Hotel Pulitzer, Barcelona (Spain)


June 27 - Down the Rabbit Hole (Holland)
June 28 - Fusion Festival (Germany)
July 2 - Deputamadre Club, Berlin (Germany)
July 3 - The Big Festival, Ambares (Belgium)
July 4 - Inside-Out, Leige (Belgium)
July 5 - Lowup, Brussels(Belgium) 
July 10 - Acapulco Club (Madrid, Spain)
July 11 - Tropical Patrulla (San Sebastián, Spain)
July 17 - Movimientos, London (UK)
July 18 - Banda Aparte Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)
July 19 - Tropical Beatz Fuerteventura, Canary Islands (Spain)
July 20 - Festival Abracadagrasse (France)
July 23 - Paléo Festival, Nyon (Switzerland)
July 25 - Secret Show (Spain)
July 26 - Secret Show (Spain)
July 27 - Milhoes Festival (Portugal)

El G

July 5 - Tropical, Geneva (Switzerland)
July 10 - La Graviere, Geneva (Switzerland)
July 11 - Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain)
July 12 - Las Palmas, Canary Islands (Spain)
July 19 - Kako Da Ne, Utrecht (Holland)
August 8 - Berghain Kantine, Berlin (Germany)
August 9 - Global Player, Cologne (Germany)
August 15 - 3000 Festival, (Germany)
August 19 -
Klunkerkranich, Berlin (Germany)

**More dates TBA


We’ve created a monster!   ;)

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ZZK HAPS 2014 Add to Facebook link Add to Twitter link
March 2014

We've been grinding pretty hard at ZZK for the last couple months, coming up with new ideas and new ways to keep this moving forward.  While La Yegros is on fire in Europe, Fauna prepping their massive South American Tour, Frikstailers & Chancha Via Circuito playing at Mexico's biggest festival Vive Latino next week, El Remolon about to drop his newest album SELVA, Mati Zundel, Animal Chuki, King Coya all with new stuff in the pipes…   And some new kids also on the horizon… Here's a couple new joints for our hardcore fans and fans of Latin American music in general!


El G has been hard at work on his next adventure.  Who better to tell the story of the newest and most innovative music of the region that this 10 year Latin American expat who's been dedicating his energy and skills to getting the ZZK story told?



Are you a ZZK fan?  Wanna get the albums before they drop?  Wanna get exclusive inside looks at the label?  Well, we're about to drop this for you.

*El Remolon Running photo by Filipa Alves

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December 2013

ZZK's putting Peru’s underground on blast with the release of Animal Chuki’s debut release, ‘Capicua EP’.

After years of releasing music from Argentina, all the while tediously scouting the rest of the continent (and world) for those experimenting the most daringly with Latintronica, ZZK Records is proud to introduce Peru’s Animal Chuki.

It's no secret Latin America is producing some of the most original music these days.  In a region steeped in tradition, technology and information are flowing freely and the new generation are transforming the music of their past at a frenzied pace, keeping the traditions alive and birthing new genres as fast as Itunes and Spotify can keep up.

Andrea Campos and Daniel Valle-Riestra, both 22, had no intention of making music together when they first met.  But after a while, inspired by the new wave of producers all around the continent mixing roots and modernization, the two got together and birthed Animal Chuki.

Chuki is Peruvian slang for something out of the ordinary or playfully offensive, and in their music, Campos and Valle-Riestra aim to bring out the Animal and the Chuki with their listeners.

In 2013 Animal Chuki remixed Viene de Mi for La Yegros and were also featured on the ZZK Sound Vol. 3 compilation, this is their first official release.

Capicua EP is the first of many new releases coming from ZZK from an even newer generation of artists who represent what we’d like to think as Digital Cumbia 2.0, the 2nd wave of what has been sweeping across the continent and the world for the greater part of the last decade.

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June 2013

Where to begin?  Let's rewind for a moment. ZZK just celebrated it's 5th year. 5 years, woah. What started with a compilation of tracks coming out of a weekly dance party in Buenos Aires has developed into something beyond our wildest dreams.  And we're just getting warmed up!

Some notable happenings in ZZK-landia.


1. La Yegros, debut album is coming out worldwide on June 17!

After years of development and preparation at the hands of King Coya & Daniel Martin, the moment has arrived.   And we're putting it out in France with a major label, EMI France!   We couldn't have predicted the success of her first single, Viene de Mi, from the Future Sounds of Buenos Aires album.  But when a good song hits, it takes on a life of it's own.  La Yegros recent European tour (which we recorded every moment for ZZKTV and a tour documentary!) was beyond expectations.  Mulheim, Utrecht, Istanbul & Paris were special shows, seeds were planted, watch them grow!  The show in Paris was the crowning moment, the crowd at Les Nuits Zebree, Radio Nova's (who broke the song in France) night at Le Bataclan was absolute magic.  It's been a long time coming for La Yegros, it's her moment, and we couldn't be happier to accompany her on the ride.  Her debut music video just dropped too, and it's insane!


2. New albums, new albums, new albums!

Who would have thought that we went from a dance party compilation to scoring a documentary about the gritty side of boxing in Buenos Aires?  El Remolon did, and we have the pleasure of releasing his soundtrack to Boxeo Constitucion.  The music accompanies the struggles of it’s protagonists and conjours up images of their daily challenges and triumphs, of their passions and travails.

In the studio currently are Chancha Via Circuito, Mati Zundel, El Remolon & Super Guachin are all working on new LP's.

3. ZZK Sound Vol. 3 is coming out on July 1!

Featuring exclusive tracks from a slew of new producers, as well as some of the stable crew, we are very excited to unleash this moment in Latintronica to the world.  Curated by DJ Nim, there’s a darker, last hour of the club feel to it, everybody sweaty and grooving to deep bassy cumbia infested tracks. Go download the first single from Friktailers here.  There's some amazing bonus tracks coming too, stay tuned!


4. Summer touring galore!

La Yegros, Chancha Via Circuito, El G are rocking the European summer.  Check them in cities near you throughout June, July & August.  We'll be posting new shows as they come in!  http://zzkrecords.com/zizektour/


5. Listen up!

A nice summary of the beginnings of ZZK up to the present and future can be heard at El G's recent interview at Red Bull Music Academy Radio in London. Preview some new tracks and listen to some classics as well as the ZZK story from start to now, here.

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